Custom Rifles and Stock Work

Mauser 7x57 Custom Rifle with Scope Copyright Summit Arms Services

Mauser 7×57 Custom Rifle with Scope Copyright Summit Arms Services


Custom Services Available

We provide a broad range of custom services here at Summit Arms including stock work, re-barreling, rifles, and the addition of accessories to your rifle.

Pictured above is a Mauser 7×57 custom rifle with a scope added.


Custom Stocks

Did you inherit a rifle from a loved one and the stock does not fit you?  Not to worry!

We are able to fit the stock to you.  By fitting the stock specifically to you allows you to shoot it more comfortably.

If you are in need of a pad for the butt of your stock (to make shooting more comfortable), just let us know.  We are happy to add a pad to your custom service order.


Custom Rifles

Perhaps you have been dreaming of a special rifle for a long time.  We can bring that idea to life.  Creating custom rifles for our customers is one of our favorite things to do!


Adding Accessories to Your Firearm

Not every firearm needs accessories.  It just depends on the type of firearm you have and what you are using the firearm for (hunting, target practice, military/LEO).  Maybe you are looking for a scope to be added to your hunting rifle or an after market trigger for your latest handgun.


Schedule Your Custom Service Today

We are happy to answer your questions.  Please call or send us a message using our contact form.